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7 Days Until Launch Review

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Are you tired of spinning your wheels when it comes to launching your business? Do you feel like you’re missing crucial steps in the process? In this review, we will explore the transformative power of the 7 Days Until Launch course by Ben Adkins. Discover how this comprehensive course can revolutionize your entrepreneurial journey and propel you towards a successful launch.

What is 7 Days Until Launch a bout?

The 7 Days Until Launch course is a comprehensive resource that leaves no stone unturned when it comes to launching a business. From market research and product creation to effective marketing techniques and executing a successful launch, this course covers all the vital aspects. Take a moment to watch the video below for an overview of the valuable content provided in this course:

Who is Ben Adkins?

Ben Adkins
Ben Adkins

Ben Adkins serves as Equip International’s President.  His lifelong passion for missions has led him to work with some of the finest people in over 50 countries. As former director of a global missions organization, Ben brings administrative and practical experience in disaster relief, IT solutions, global discipleship, radio broadcasting, developing sustainable solutions, and appropriate technology. God has allowed him the opportunity to serve both internationally and domestically while developing a strong local team. Ben’s background in executive leadership and foreign language has proven to be a great help in his work. His interests include spending time with his wife and two daughters and being outdoors.

He help high level experts, entrepreneurs, and business owners turn their expertise and passions into highly profitable businesses. (He do this by building “marketing automation vehicles” that help folks get to their income goals 6-24 months faster than they would if it was all on their shoulders).

How 7 Days Until Launch Work?

The 7 Days Until Launch course is designed to provide a systematic approach to building a successful business. It consists of a series of well-defined steps that guide you through the entire process, ensuring you have a solid foundation to launch your venture. From identifying your target market to creating compelling marketing campaigns, each knowledge of the course is carefully crafted to maximize your chances of success.

What will you receive when you participate in 7 Days Until Launch?

When you enroll in the 7 Days Until Launch course, you gain access to a treasure trove of valuable resources and knowledges. Take a look at the screenshot below to get a glimpse of the comprehensive content included in this course:

Here are the key knowledges covered in the course:

Day 1: His “Finding Buyers First” Process

He is going to walk through the exact process that he goes through to make sure that his product is something that people want and zero in on his ideal customers for the product. You’ll get a crystal clear understanding of how he knows that his digital business has a high likelihood of succeeding before he starts creating any of the products.

Day 2: Mapping a 6-7 Figure Product and Sales Funnel.

He is going to show you exactly how he maps out his core products and sales funnel. You’ll see the exact strategy that he is following to get paid customers fast and turn those paid customers into higher ticket sales.

You’ll also see exactly how he maps out the content for each of the core products for the brand (the low ticket, the mid ticket, and the high ticket)… and how he does it quickly.

7 Days Until Launch
7 Days Until Launch

Day 3: Creating the Audio Book from Scratch.

He is going to record an entire audio book on this day. You’ll get a behind the scenes look at what he is using to do that and how he gets the work done so quickly. You’re going to get a view of the actual work that he has never shown anyone else before.

When this day is over, you’ll understand exactly how you can create a book (that you can use to grow your business) in just a day.

Day 4: Creating the Core Product (Part 1)

He is going to create the full keynote/powerpoint presentation for the core product on this day. You’ll get a behind the scenes look at how he goes about creating full digital courses (based on his expertise) in just a few hours.

You’ll be able to use this exact process to create your own digital courses (based on the information that is already in your head).

Day 5: Creating the Core Product (Part 2) and FB Support Group.

He is going to take the keynote/powerpoint presentation that he created in Day 4 and turn it into a full video training today. You’ll see exactly how he prepares for the training and how he quickly gets it shot, edited, and uploaded to the internet to be used as a product.

He’ll also be walking you through how he puts this content into a consumable format (you’ll see his “high tech” members area as well as how he creates products for much cheaper when he needs to keep cost low.

He’ll also be walking you through the process of setting up a “Facebook Support Group” for all of his products (which is also a good place to sell his higher ticket program)

7 Days Until Launch Review
7 Days Until Launch Review

Day 6: Creating the Sales Material.

He is going to walk you through how he customizes a few core sales templates into a full-blown sales funnel which is customized for his new product and brand. You’ll see exactly how he puts together sales copy, takes money, and delivers the products that he just sold.

You’ll see the sales pages, upsell videos, and email scripts that he uses to make everything work.

You’ll get all the down and dirty pieces of how this all works and connects so that he actually has something up for sale fast.

Day 7: Cleaning Everything up and Going Live.

On day 7… they’re going to connect all of the pieces that we’ve built so far and push the product live so that we can sell it to the public.

On day 7, he is also going to cover exactly how he plans on marketing the product for the next 51 weeks of the year to turn it into a 6-7 figure brand.

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Who 7 Days Until Launch for?

7 Days Until Launch
7 Days Until Launch

If you run a business that is powered by your expertise, this is going to show you exactly how to build an online business that you can run from a things that fit in a backpack. You’re going to learn how to build the low ticket indoctrination product (audio book), the mid ticket video course, and the high ticket consulting program the power this business model. You’ll also learn exactly how to drive traffic to it every single week to get more leads and sales.

This is perfect for Digital Agency owners who want a more complete business and sales funnel.

It’s a great fit for any expert based brick and mortar business owner (Chiropractors, Real Estate Agents, Fitness experts, etc)

It’s also a great fit for any SaaS platform owner that wants to grow their software using an info based funnel.

In short… if you have a business that is powered by your expertise, this program will show you how Dr Ben Adkins build information based businesses that attract customers from all over the world (and how he builds the core products and funnel fast).

Pros and Cons of 7 Days Until Launch

The Launch course, like any other, has its strengths and limitations. Let’s explore the pros and cons to provide a balanced perspective:

Pros of the Course

  • Comprehensive Content: The course covers all aspects of launching a business, providing a holistic approach to success.
  • Expert Guidance: Ben Adkins shares his wealth of knowledge and experience, guiding you through each step of the process.
  • Actionable Strategies: The course focuses on practical application, equipping you with strategies that you can implement right away.
  • Supportive Community: Gain access to a vibrant community of like-minded entrepreneurs, fostering collaboration and support.

Cons of the Course

  • Intensive Learning: The course contains a wealth of information, which may be overwhelming for some learners. It’s essential to pace yourself and take breaks as needed.

Pricing 7 Days Until Launch

7 Days Until Launch course  is currently selling for $97, a one-time payment for full access to the program. Here is a summary of the pricing information:


However, if you find the price higher than your current budget, we also offer an affordable alternative course that covers similar principles. You can check out our course, [HERE], to explore an equally effective option tailored to your financial needs.

Is Amazon 7 Days Until Launch Scam or Legit?

The legitimacy of the 7 Days Until Launch course is unquestionable. Extensive research, coupled with positive reviews and testimonials, confirms the course’s credibility. It has gained high rankings and garnered positive feedback from individuals who have experienced significant success following the principles taught in the course.

Conclusion: 7 Days Until Launch Review

In conclusion, the 7 Days Until Launch course by Ben Adkins is a comprehensive and transformative resource for aspiring entrepreneurs. It offers a step-by-step roadmap, equipping you with the knowledge and tools needed to orchestrate a successful business launch. With a focus on practical application and a supportive community, this course empowers individuals to make a lasting impact in their chosen industry. Don’t wait any longer—embrace the power of this course and embark on a transformative journey towards a successful business launch!

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