Brilliant Marketers – Eddie Maalouf

Brilliant Marketers – Eddie Maalouf

Brilliant Marketers – Eddie Maalouf

How To Use Digital Marketing To Transform Any Business And Make Tons Of Money Doing It

Work from anywhere with a laptop and some internet.

The Brilliant Marketers Program

For the last 7 years, I have been studying the top digital marketing strategies & helping businesses grow, all through online advertising.

I have personally managed millions of dollars spent online, on almost every platform, and have worked with dozens of industries.

But, most importantly, I have managed to do this all from a laptop and WiFi & I have spent months making a program that can help absolutely anyone understand and implement the same strategies I do, for any business.

Program Outline

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  • [Module 1] – Mindset, Taxes, Productivity & Everything In Between
  • [Module 2] – Facebook Ads
  • [Module 3] – Google & YouTube Ads
  • [Module 4] – Automations
  • [Module 5] – Building The Perfect Landing Page
  • [Module 6] – Google Analytics
  • [Module 7] – E-Commerce – Creating your Own 6-Figure Online Store
  • [Module 8] – How To Build An Agency To 30k/mo in 90 Days
  • Virtual Assistants

This program is for any of these 3 people:

  1. Someone who wants to start a business for themselves and is looking to be able to work on their own terms. Someone who wants to provide themselves with financial freedom and more importantly, the ability to work from anywhere and travel the world, while making more money than you can at a job.
  2. Someone who owns their own business and wants to understand how to advertise PROFITABLY online. This is best used by a business that is ready to scale, not a business that cannot handle immediate growth. This helps avoid paying marketing companies monthly for something that you will be able to do better than them.
  3. Someone who is already marketing as a freelancer or has a small agency. Although, most marketers believe they know everything, this is far from true. I look back and realize that even 18 months ago, when I was doing so well, I knew a fraction of the knowledge I know now in marketing. This person will learn how to become a Brilliant Marketer and save years of mistakes in digital marketing.

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