Business Growth by Numbers – Sally Farrant

Business Growth by Numbers – Sally Farrant

Business Growth by Numbers – Sally Farrant

Helping online business owners to earn what they want to from their business by increasing their prices to grow their profits

Learn how to put your prices up so you can take home more money

Find Out Your Pricing Personality

Take my quiz to find out your pricing personality. Are you an Overpricing Orla, Generous Gina, Discounting Donna or Underpricing Una? Find out and then get my best tips to improve your mindset around and management of pricing.

Are you stuck with your pricing?

Or do you just know you could be making more money in your business if only you could spend the time?

I can help you price your products and services with confidence, package them up and help you with a strategy for your business.

It might be you need to know what you need to charge for a new product or service you are offering. Or it could be that you know you are undercharging and need to put up your prices, but don’t know where to start. Or maybe you need to look at what products or services are making you money in your business.

I offer masterclasses in key pricing areas, power hours and courses or 1:1 strategy days.

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