Cloud Stacking SEO Course Review: Scam or Legit?

Cloud Stacking SEO Course Review

Welcome to Cloud Stacking SEO Course Review!

Are you searching for the best online SEO courses, Cloud SEO, Ecommerce SEO course, SEO training or top SEO certification programs? You’re in the right place.

Welcome to my review of Cloud Stacking SEO Course.

First things first: SEO is not easy. SEO is a huge ocean and it’s a billion-dollar industry.

Did you know that the SEO market is expected to reach $83.7 billion in 2025?

So if you want to take it as a career and become an SEO expert, learn from the BEST.

Here’s where we’re going to discuss the Cloud Stacking SEO Course that you can take part in. Let’s dive into the details without much ado.

Cloud Stacking SEO Course Review
Cloud Stacking SEO Course Review

What is Cloud Stacking SEO Course a bout?

In this course you will learn how to use build very advanced and powerful HTML pages on Amazon S3. The HTML page is handmade, and a readymade template will be delivered with the course.

Who is Jesper Nissen?

Jesper Nissen
Jesper Nissen

Jesper Nissen have a master degree in theoretical physics from the University of Copenhagen, Niels Bohr Institute. After my studies, He jumped into the IT industry, and he now have more than 17 years of experience in software testing, systems design, software engineering, webdesign and SEO.

Scientific SEO

Although he don’t use my knowledge of quantum mechanics in his daily work, he have brought with me into the field of SEO, the scientific curiosity and ability to really focus and try to understand a subject in all details. And that is what he love about SEO, it’s a field of neverending discoveries.

In his trainings he share all his findings and secrets, so you and your clients can also benefit from his findings.

How Cloud Stacking SEO Course Work?

In this course you will learn how to build powerful and very advanced html pages on Amazon S3. The html files can also be uploaded to other cloud services like Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

Jesper Nissen will go over how to build the html file, and show you excatly what you need to add. He will go over the schema he add, and how he make the schema.

He have handpicked a number of powerfull citations and dofollow backlinks, that he include in his backlinking, and he will show to to incorporate them into the HTML cloud page, YACSS cloud stacking.

Included in the course will be videos and the html template for the cloud page. Included is also a very specific and detailed SOP.

What will you receive when you participate in this Cloud Stacking SEO Course?

  • SOP for Schema Fortress HTML Amazon S3 and Simple Cloud
  • Create Amazon S3 account and create your first bucket
  • Easy upload of HTML files with S3 Browser – and how to get powerful URLS
  • How to select 7 keywords, and how to build content
  • Two ways of creating Local Business schema
  • How to create webpage schema
  • Ranking strategy 1. Simple cloud page
  • Ranking strategy 2. Simple clooud page + linkwheel
  • Ranking strategy 3. One content area file, uploaded to Amazon and Azure, added to search console
  • How to create free rss feeds and embed them in your cloud pages to keep them relevant and indexed

Who is this Cloud Stacking SEO Course for?

The Cloud Stacking SEO Course is designed for VA friendly, since it includes a detailed SOP. The course is not for beginners. Please don’t buy this course if you’re looking for easy wins or have unrealistic goals.

Pricing Cloud Stacking SEO Course

Cloud Stacking SEO Course Review
Cloud Stacking SEO Course Review

As you probably already know, Cloud Stacking SEO Course  is currently selling for $147, a one-time payment for full access to the program.

If you find the price of this course is higher than your income, you can check out our cheap course HERE.

Is Cloud Stacking SEO Course Scam or Legit?

The Cloud Stacking SEO Course is definitely not a scam. It is a legit course from which you can learn how to learn profitable SEO for your business.

What are people saying about Cloud Stacking SEO Course?

I saw a number of social media user reviews after doing some research to find out more about the course. Here are some of their quotes:

Cloud Stacking SEO Course Review
Cloud Stacking SEO Course Review

Conclusion: Cloud Stacking SEO Course Review

To summarise, very investment you make into SEO has the potential to give back what you gave. The training and understanding from Cloud Stacking SEO Course can follow you for the rest of your life and can be used in creative ways. Start with course and take your career into limitless possibilities.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave any additional comments or questions in the section below.

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