Dave Chaffey – Total E-Mail Marketing

Dave Chaffey - Total E-Mail Marketing

Dave Chaffey – Total E-Mail Marketing

Total E-mail Marketing Book

The second edition of my Total E-mail Marketing book focuses on using outbound marketing E-mails and E-newsletters to prospects and customers, but it also includes managing inbound customer communications to respond to customer service enquiries.

As well as reading the updates below you can read in-depth articles on E-mail Marketing by Dave Chaffey written for the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s What’s New in Marketing.

E-mail is a powerful marketing communications tool which excels at developing relationships with existing customers and acquiring new customers. This second edition builds on the author’s successful formula, describing a practical approach to e-mail marketing for all marketers looking to exploit its potential or take their e-mail to the next level. Total e-Mail Marketing 2e draws on expertise and latest examples from leading European practitioners to detail practical tips to improve campaign results. Packed with brand new case studies and checklists to get you started or improve on past campaigns, the book covers all aspects of e-mail marketing, including:

  •  Planning effective, integrated e-mail campaigns and e-newsletters
  •  How to rapidly build a quality house list and select the best tools to manage it
  •  Ethical and legal constraints in a fast-moving sector
  •  Design and write HTML and text format e-mails for maximum response
  •  Getting through the SPAM filters to maximize deliverability
  •  Targeting, personalizing, measuring and improving e-mail campaigns
  •  Integrating emerging technologies like blogs, RSS and mobile messaging
  •  Practical dos and don’ts

A vital supplement to the author’s book e-Marketing eXcellence, also in its 2nd editon and co-written with PR Smith, this text is relevant to all marketers – specializing in e-marketing or not – as it offers an integrated campaign perspective and shows how to maximize integrated e-marketing results.

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