Dr. Jon Alfredsson – Shopify Course

Shopify Course

Dr. Jon Alfredsson – Shopify Course

Course Outcomes Deepen the strength of your Shopify store with precision Facebook ads and more refined software apps.

Distinguish ad objectives; analyze pixels and audiences; sharpen your market research and ad design skills.

Learn the marketing edge you can attain from Shopify apps that further enhance your conversions, and plan effective outsourcing.

  • Identify important features of drop shipping platforms.
  • Assess personal stamina and professional preparedness to start an e-commerce business.
  • Review fundamental operations and applications within the Shopify e-commerce software.
  • Outline requirements to set up a fully operational Shopify store.
  • Plan effective actions to run a Shopify store.

Dive into the fundamentals of drop-shipping and how to set up an e-commerce store on the Shopify platform, as well as how to identify products with proven success for shipping directly from vendors. This is your step-by-step entry level class for creating an e-commerce store online.

  • Identify important features of Facebook ads to analyze conversions.
  • Assess types of audiences for distinguishing marketing objectives and ad designs.
  • Review complex operations and applications within the Shopify e-commerce software.
  • Systemize tools for documenting your Shopify stores operation.
  • Evaluate outsourcing actions to grow a Shopify store.

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