Should I run facebook ads wholesale real estate?

facebook ads wholesale real estate

Should I run facebook ads wholesale real estate? Not only the real estate industry, but it seems that all professions and fields are asking the same question. Should I advertise on Facebook? Is it really effective for me?

What is Facebook real estate advertising?

Running Facebook advertisement for properties is a paid method to display your real estate advertisements on the Facebook social media platform in order to reach potential customers who have needs in the real estate sector on the Facebook platform. Effectively running real estate advertising on Facebook will have a positive impact on the results and sales revenue of the business.

Running facebook ads wholesale real estate?

It’s not by chance that many people doubt the effectiveness of advertising real estate on Facebook. The reason is that the the real estate sector has always had an unwavering commitment to Google. Suddenly, here comes Mr. Facebook. That’s what makes people in the real estate industry hesitant.

Google, the first love of real estate

To put it appealingly, before Google, the the real estate sector and property sales were doing just fine. But when considering the three players: Google, Facebook, and the the real estate sector, it’s true that Google arrived first. So many people have gotten used to promotion of real estate on Google. Changing this habit is not an easy task.

Not to mention that Facebook used to be seen as a place for young and teenage individuals. Business-minded and successful people didn’t really use Facebook. However, they are the main customers of the real estate sector

Or if you’re in business, Facebook would be more suitable for shoe, makeup, clothing, and fashion retailers rather than real estate.

Facebook, the latecomer who understands the pain of the real estate industry

facebook ads wholesale real estate
facebook ads wholesale real estate

Both Facebook and Google bring solutions for effective customer reach and advertising. While the real estate advercommunity on Google is overcrowded and highly competitive, not to mention the presence of malicious competitors and the risk of wasting ad spend before seeing any results. Google is the player who has many suitors.

Meanwhile, Facebook is the new guy with many beautiful things that many people haven’t fully explored yet. So choosing Facebook for advertisement for properties will bring many opportunities.

Why advertising real estate on Facebook will bring more opportunities

In terms of user base, Facebook not only has a growing number of users but also quality users. Celebrities and successful individuals are increasingly using Facebook, and they happen to be potential customers for the real estate industry.

Facebook offers diverse ad formats and placements, all with the common goal of making ads stand out. It enhances user engagement with ads and provides specific advertising objectives, enabling you to reach people who truly need and fulfill your goals.

Real estate advertising on Facebook is still new! Although many have tried publicizing real estate on Facebook, it has mostly been in experimental forms. Additionally, a significant number of people still have a deep love for SEO and advertising with Google. Therefore, the real estate market advertised on Facebook is still fresh and full of opportunities.

Facebook excels in sharing, interaction, and convenience for reaching customers and their acquaintances. This has long been recognized as Facebook’s strength. If utilized properly, the reach of your real estate channel on Facebook will be much faster, stronger, and wider than Google SEO, by a thousand times.

facebook ads wholesale real estate
facebook ads wholesale real estate

Conclusion: Should I run facebook ads wholesale real estate?

This is not to criticize or deny the effectiveness of real estate advertising on Google. However, Google has become too crowded, too overwhelming, and too dangerous. Therefore, considering sharing some advertising campaigns with Facebook is a decision worth contemplating. I hope this article is helpful to you!

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