High Ticket University – First 100k Formula

High Ticket University %E2%80%93 First 100k Formula

High Ticket University – First 100k Formula

Welcome to ” First 100k Formula ”

A lot of self-proclaimed “gurus” are teaching you the OLD DROPSHIPPING WAY, selling cheap products isn’t the way to go anymore. In my High Ticket University, I will show the exact process to build your OWN HIGH TICKET store


Learn with Max Trubitski how to make your first 100K!

Max has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs start their very own online business! Using his own developed strategy, he has generated hundreds of thousands in sales online through High Ticket e-Commerce. With two years of mentoring and coaching under his belt, he’s eager to share his secret strategy to aspiring entrepreneurs.


Throughout this course, you will be given the step-by-step guide to starting, running, and growing your online store. This course doesn’t just include the basics (like the rest of dropshipping courses), but gives you the daily strategy that made 6 figures for us, and thousands of more students.

Maxim Trubitski – High Ticket University First 100k Formulaa Free Download – WE MADE $210,000 IN 30 DAYS BY ONLY SELLING 300 ORDERS ONLINE WITH HIGH TICKET E-COMMERCE…

NON STOP VALUE!*UPDATES: We will be continuously adding videos to this course as time goes on! If Facebook makes any changes that impact us as sellers you can expect a video on how to account for it.

BE PART OF THE COMMUNITY Gain access to the private Mentorship Group in which you’ll be able to ask your questions and look at others’ results and insights.

CREATE YOUR DREAM BUSINESS Have access to a qualitative course and speak with expert mentors to create a business that suits you personally!

FACEBOOK AD SECRETS We reveal the facebook advertising secrets only known to the Top 1% of Dropshippers, all dropshipping “Gurus” purposely choose to leave out. Furthermore, we give you daily guidelines you MUST follow if you want to acquire the lifestyle you always dreamed of. E-commerce is what changed our lives, and we hope we can change yours!

What you’ll learn from ” High Ticket University – First 100k Formula “


  • ​Introduction to Maxim Trubitski
  • ​What is Drop Shipping? The Truth…
  • ​Pros and Cons of Drop Shipping. Why you’ll succeed
  • Mindset / Psychology – 10k sales this month
  • Our Expectations at the End of the 45 Day Training
  • Introduction to High Ticket e-Commerce


  • New Paradigm & World Orientation
  • ​Psychology of self
  • World View
  • ​The Blind Men & The Elephant
  • ​Immortality


  • ​Specific Vs. General Store?
  • Niched Vs Mainstream?
  • Passion Vs. Trend Products?
  • Our Product Research Criteria?
  • Competitive Advantage- The Innovation
  • High Ticket Product Research
  • Instagram Product Research
  • ​The Aliexpress Guide
  • ​Facebook Winning Product Research Strategy
  • ​Software Product Research Method
  • ​Validation Method
  • ​High Ticket Product Research 2.0
  • ​High Ticket Product Research 3.0


  • ​Shopify Settings: The Foundation of Your Store
  • ​Oberlo: Product Importation
  • ​Payment Processing (What to avoid!)
  • The Shopify Applications You Need
  • Website Customization
  • Website Customization Part 2
  • High Ticket Drop Shipping Website Development
  • ​Branding Introduction
  • ​How to brand your company and your products
  • ​Branding and Operations
  • The bottom line of HT branding
  • ​Average Order Value Optimization
  • Administrative And Legal Aspects To Launch Your Business in the US
  • Accounting And Cash Management


  • ​Finding the best converting influencers
  • ​The customers/audience
  • ​The Offer
  • Kinds of Influencers
  • Creating profitable ads for Instagram
  • Making deals with Influencers
  • ​List of Influencers that I used (and so can you)
  • ​Guide to Micro-Influencers

Module 6: Facebook Ads Blueprint

  • The Customer Blueprint
  • ​Becoming a Marketing Expert
  • ​Alternative marketing offers
  • ​First Ad Creation
  • Cold testing launch strategy
  • Cold testing launch strategy 2.0
  • Cold testing launch strategy 3.0
  • ​How to analyze Facebook data
  • ​Secret 6 figure scaling strategy
  • ​Alternative scaling methods
  • ​Guide to Retargeting
  • ​Winning Ads Blueprint
  • ​Brand and Ad Content investments
  • ​High Ticket Scaling tool kit
  • ​Full CBO (Campaign Budget Optimization) Blueprint
  • ​Lookalike Strategies & Tactics


  • ​Finding a Virtual Assistant
  • ​Guide to Email Marketing (very important)
  • ​Backend Setup
  • ​SEO Marketing, the traffic you’re unaware of
  • What’s next?
  • BONUS – Google Ads Guide !
  • ​Search Ads
  • ​Shopping & Display Ads

And With High Ticket University, You Get a Pre-Built Branded Store!Pre-Built Store Evolution

  • ​Pre-built Shopify Store
  • ​Winning High Ticket Products Set-up
  • ​Fully Paid Prestige Shopify Store Theme Imported
  • ​​Full High Level Branding of Store (Logo, Custom Images, Website Story)
  • Template Re-Edited to Fit Your Niche
  • Apps/Plugins Setup For You
  • ​Full High-Converting Descriptions For Winning Products
  • ​Optimized for 10% Traffic Conversion
  • ​Psychological Offerings To Make Customers Purchase on Impulse
  • ​Strategically Designed Brand Copy That Turns Viewers Into Customers

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