How to Create a $47-$97 Info Product in 2 days by Jason Fladlien

Jason Fladlien %E2%80%93 How to Create a 47 97 Info Product in 2 days

How to Create a $47-$97 Info Product in 2 days by Jason Fladlien

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The 3 Second Technique — make yourself immune to writer’s block! (page 6)

The “Skeleton Blueprint” — skip to this page, fill in the blanks and be creating low-ticket products that you can sell in under 2 hours time (page 44)

How to tap into your reader’s “code of action” to enjoy the word of mouth effect! (page 3)

A little secret I know about learning… that will allow me to teach these techniques directly to your unconscious… thereby cutting your learning curve down dramatically (meaning you can master this skill in one or two sittings!)

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