Marketing Agency Program (MAP) by Kevin David

Marketing Agency Program (MAP) by Kevin David

Marketing Agency Program (MAP) by Kevin David

MAP is the only course that teaches, from scratch, how to actually close clients and run a highly profitable Marketing Agency with exploding sales and how to scale it to the next level.

What Is Included In The Marketing Agency Program (MAP)

Chapter #1

In the first exciting chapter of ‘MAP’, otherwise known as the Marketer Agency Program, we teach you how many of our students are literally 20x’ing their investment into the course leveraging the EXACT strategies we teach!

Follow the blueprint we give you relentlessly, and you WILL have success,. That is something we have seen over and over again!

Chapter #2

The Secret cold email, and social media message I use that is irresistible to your perfect customer. Watch how businesses will not only respond, but will be begging for your services!

And how to ensure that you continue to get paid month after month and expand your service offerings!

Chapter #3

Once you find your dream clients – We teach you the EXACT Sales Scr we have used to generate MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. You can leverage it exactly word for word and learn the ins and outs of Sales from a professional!

We also teach you how you can skip the phone all together by using a few of our patented MAP strategies!

Chapter #4

The EXACT Contract I use to formalize the monthly retainer to ensure that I get paid every month by all of my clients to deliver results!

Don’t worry about the little stuff, because its all already done for you, it is so easy you can copy and paste!

Chapter #5

How to set up basic ads, and set up the perfect infrastructure to ensure success for your customers even with NO prior experience!

How to set up your ad campaigns so that your CLIENT covers ALL of the ad expense, and you make all of the profit yourself!

Chapter #6

The exact blueprint to set up simple Facebook ads that do one thing…

Deliver MASSIVE results for your clients, resulting in client happiness and continued payments! Win – Win!


And after you complete the core chapters, we have a very special set of bonuses that are available for an extremely limited time only!

These bonuses are what will help you expand your agency to the next level to allow more automation and free-time for you to enjoy your time doing whatever you want!

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