Master YouTube Review: Is it worth the money spent?

Master YouTube Review

Welcome to Master YouTube Review!

This course is for you if you want to discover how Matt D’Avella produces YouTube content, from initial concept to finished product. You’ll pick up YouTube tips from Matt.

Master YouTube
Master YouTube

What is Master YouTube a bout?

Matt D’Avella founded the online school Slow Growth Academy to support the growth of creators.

Simply put, it’s the location where Matt D’Avella posts the courses he creates.

He currently offers a YouTube Master course as well as a Simple Habits course. This review will concentrate on the Mastering YouTube course since that is the only one I have taken.

What Scam & Money Grab Are Matt D’Avella’s Courses?

As a result, I’ve read several evaluations of Matt’s Simple Habits course and discovered on Reddit and other websites of a similar nature that the quality of his Slow Growth courses is poor.

However, I’m quite impressed with his Master YouTube course and think the proper student would absolutely love it.

So, are his courses a fraud or a way to get money?

His Master YouTube course is fantastic, not certainly.

Here are some advantages of using Master YouTube:

  • Become a full-time YouTuber
  • Obtain the right frame of mind to succeed on YouTube.
  • Create a strong base for your YouTube channel.
  • Learn how to generate ideas.
  • Create a faster process for producing YouTube content.
  • Learn from a comprehensive, structured course system.

Who is Matt D’Avella?

Matt D’Avella
Matt D’Avella

He is a filmmaker, director of two Netflix documentaries, and a YouTuber.

Like people, He’ve been bombarded with fast fixes & hacks on how to achieve exponential growth in record-breaking time. And he’ve fallen painfully flat on his face while trying to “make it” overnight.

But when he look back at the things he’s most proud of, none of them happened “overnight.”

Whether it’s growing his YouTube channel to 3m subscribers, paying off $97k in student debt, or mastering healthy habits, everything meaningful He’ve ever created has taken dedication, a willingness to move forward, and most importantly, time.

That’s why he started Slow Growth Academy – Youtube matt d’avella. To help you let go of the arbitrary deadlines his place on ourselves and build practical skills for life at your own pace.

But fair warning – adopting the slow growth mindset isn’t for the faint of heart.

It’ll require you to push through discomfort, put in the hard work, and trust that you’re making progress – even when it doesn’t look like it.

But one day, you’ll look up and see true, sustainable change.

So strap on your grit, persistence, and odd sense of humor.

How does Master YouTube Course work?

Your roadmap to creating a successful channel with integrity

  • Launch your channel
  • Create original videos
  • Attract your first 1000 true fans and beyond

You’ll have:

  • Started and named your channel (if you haven’t already)
  • Discovered what makes your voice, style, and niche unique on a very competitive platform
  • A framework to brainstorm original ideas
  • An inner circle who’re there to support you through the highs & lows
  • A way of telling stories that’ll keep viewers engaged to the last second
  • A workflow to consistently transform an idea in your head to a high-quality video on the screen
  • Laid down the foundation that’s going to help you monetize your channel

What will you receive when you participate in this Master YouTube?

Master YouTube
Master YouTube

Matt covers a lot of ground in his Master YouTube course.

Here are the main modules you’ll gain access to when you purchase the course:

MODULE 1: Get Clear On Your Vision

Before starting this game-changing journey, you need a final destination in mind. And no trip is complete without a solid plan, a few good friends, and snacks (lots & lots of snacks).

  • How the algorithm works and what you need to focus on to beat it
  • The 3 keys to success that’ll help you win at the long game
  • The mindset shifts you need to make to overcome self-doubt and avoid burnout
  • How to build an inner circle of people who will lift you up and support you
  • How to develop an original content strategy for your channel, including what topics to explore, who your target audience is, and how to identify your unique style of videos
  • The exact email templates I use to pitch YouTubers & creatives I want to collaborate with – these are yours to tweak and personalize!

MODULE 2: Build Your Foundation

Let’s get this show on the road! It’s time to pack your bags, fuel up your car, and load up all on your essential gear…which is exactly what we cover in this module.

  • A step-by-step walkthrough of how to set-up your channel without the overwhelm (and how to keep it secure)
  • A tour of YouTube studio and how to make sense of your metrics – plus what stats I pay attention to and what I ignore
  • The essential gear & tools you need (and don’t need) in your kit to start filming and editing
  • My tips & tricks to build up your gear kit on a budget – hint: you can find handy substitutes for your gear using common household items

MODULE 3: Develop Unique Ideas For Your Channel

“Smooth roads don’t make good drivers. Practice does.” – (A quote we butchered to fit this analogy). The best way to become a successful YouTuber is to consistently create original, engaging videos. This module will show you how.

  • The simple production workflow I use to film & upload videos on a consistent basis – never waste time stressing about where to start
  • My framework for coming up with original ideas that align with your values and your niche
  • How to write an effective title that actually delivers on its promise – no clickbait here!
  • How to improve your video’s performance through a simple title change
  • The exact checklist I use to decide if a video is worth making or if it’s best left on the cutting room floor

MODULE 4: Learn to Make Better Videos (Faster)

Want to bring more people along for the ride? This module will show you how to attract the right ones to your videos so you can grow a community full of engaged fans.

  • A walkthrough of how to go from an idea to script to video
  • The 6 rules for effective storytelling to keep viewers engaged from start to finish
  • The basics of filming yourself. Plus my best tips on picking a location, framing your shot, and talking to camera.
  • Learn a process for how to edit your videos twice as fast.
  • How to create & edit the movie poster of YouTube Videos: The Thumbnail – including how I use them to tell a story

MODULE 5: Grow Your Audience From 0 Subs to your first 1,000 True Fans and Beyond

You started this journey to make a positive impact on people’s lives. So let’s get more eyes on your videos and form the building blocks to make this a living.

  • The 3 stages of audience growth and what to do to advance from one stage to the next
  • The behind-the-scenes look of how I grew my channel to over 3 million subscribers
  • How to monetize your channel with intention and in a way that feels good for you

Who is this Master YouTube for?

Master YouTube


You’ve launched your channel but you’re struggling to come up with original ideas and define your style

You’re tired of feeling like you’re copying your favorite creators and you’re ready to create original videos that your subscribers will know is 100% yours.

You want to expand your reach and grow your channel

You’re on this journey to help people and make a positive impact, so you want to get your videos in front of the right people.

You’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to start

You want someone to walk you through the very first steps, the key areas to focus on (and the shiny objects to ignore), and the mindset you need to adopt to overcome the self-doubt that inevitably crops up when you dare to try something new.

You want to learn how to make engaging videos that hook viewers from start to finish

You want to know how to turn even the most complex topics, like finances and data structures, into a story as binge-worthy as The Queen’s Gambit.

Pros and Cons of Master YouTube

Pros of the Master YouTube

  • Very in-depth teaching on every module
  • Engaging & highly educational content
  • Matt D’Avella-level production value
  • Useful gear resources
  • The community feature is nice
  • Amazing downloadables

Cons of the Master YouTube

  • Enrollment opens and closes in weird, inconvenient intervals
  • No mobile app

Pricing Master YouTube

As you probably already know, Master YouTube is currently selling for $997, a one-time payment for full access to the program.

If you find the price of this course is higher than your income, you can check out our cheap course HERE – YouTube Master download.

What are people saying about Master YouTube?

I saw a number of Youtube user reviews after doing some research to find out more about the course. Here are some of their quotes, you can go to the salepage to see this video:

Master YouTube
Master YouTube

Conclusion: Master YouTube Review

You have found the ideal course if you want to learn how to film YouTube videos as Matt does.

But hurry! If the doors are open and you want to enroll, you should definitely do so since they open and close at unpredictable intervals.

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