Neil Strauss – The Money Game 2.0

The Money Game 2.0

Neil Strauss – The Money Game 2.0

I know what you’re thinking…
“It sounds great in theory, but is it really possible?”

Can you really…

  • Create a passive income stream…
  • ​​Make a living doing your passion…
  • ​Become an entrepreneur and grow your own business…
  • ​Increase your savings by a factor of 10x…
  • ​Or change careers…
  • ​Or get a promotion at your current job…
  • ​Pay off your student loans quickly…
  • ​Learn the secrets of billionaires…
  • ​Rid yourself of the procrastination dragon…
  • ​Get out of credit card debt…
  • ​Raise the roof on your credit score…
  • ​Or finish rich…

…with no prior experience, while working a 9-5 job, and while being completely clueless about money?

The answer is Yes – of course it’s possible!

A few years ago, Neil set out to beat his Money demons and realized that there is so much more to financial independence than just commas and dollar signs.

Neil Strauss realized that most people are not lacking aspirations… they are lacking education.

And he understood that before money can flow into your bank account, you have to create a way for it to flow into your brain.

Neil Strauss learned that having the right mindset that doesn’t repel money is as essential in attaining wealth as understanding the process by which the rich multiply their money.

Neil Strauss also learned that the right habits could set the foundation for unimaginable financial success later in life…

And that the only way to get there is to learn from those who have already been there.

So here’s what Neil did…

He met and befriended:

  • The world’s #1 marketer, who completely changed the way online marketing was done.
  • ​Investors of all kinds, from those who have made a fortune in real estate and angel investing, to others who made millions of dollars in cryptocurrency, tech investing, and more.
  • ​Highly successful entrepreneurs who built and sold multiple million-dollar companies.
  • ​People who lived the true four-hour workweek, living entirely off of their passive income streams.
  • ​​The world’s leading authority on credit and credit score.
  • A billionaire who completely revolutionized a large field in the world of tech and entertainment.
  • ​And many more…

The Money Game 2.0 Online Program

This is perfect for you if you want to…

  • Create a passive income stream… so you can spend your time how to choose, on your terms and on that next big idea of yours.
  • ​Make a living doing your passion… so you can live a fulfilled, happy life and get out of the rat race.
  • ​Become an entrepreneur and grow your own business… so you can finally take ownership of your life and answer only to yourself.
  • ​Or change careers… so you can stop doing the job you despise and start living your passion.
  • ​Or get a promotion at your current job… so you can earn more and get the recognition you deserve.
  • ​Pay off your student loans quickly… so you can start putting that money towards your future and the things you actually want.
  • ​Learn the secrets of billionaires… so you can think big and scale up rather than settling for “ordinary success,” and so you can break through that financial ceiling you’ve been stuck beneath for so long.
  • ​Rid yourself of the procrastination dragon… so you can finally get shit done!
  • ​Get out of credit card debt… so you can finally sleep easy at night and stop feeling like a prisoner of debt.
  • ​Raise the roof on your credit score… so you can finally have access to the funding you need
  • ​Or if you just want to finally get a hold of your finances and make sure that you finish rich!

More specifically, here’s what’s included in the program:

Module 01 – The Inner Game of Money

  • Discover the core beliefs of the world’s wealthiest people, and what’s currently preventing you from developing them.
  • ​Break free of your most limiting beliefs around money with the help of an expert financial psychologist, who will help you master the often-overlooked and absolutely critical Inner Game of Money.
  • Go through a powerful exercise, led by Neil himself, and start rewiring your beliefs around money.
  • ​Learn why investing in yourself is the first step towards financial growth
  • ​And more.

Module 02 – Goal Setting

  • Discover a framework that will help you align all areas of your life towards your goals, and quickly accelerate your progress towards them.
  • ​Learn a simple goal setting system that will help you set powerful goals and make sure that you pursue them.
  • ​Learn how to start going after your biggest goals right now, even if your finances are limited.
  • ​And more.

Module 03 – Networking & Job Seeking

  • Learn how to make powerful business connections through the LinkedIn platform
  • Automate your networking so you that others will see you as a person they want to connect with
  • Discover a simple system that will allow you to effortlessly land any job that you want.
  • ​And more.

Module 04 – Launch Your Business

  • Learn how to turn your passion into a profitable business.
  • ​Learn how to write engaging books at an accelerated pace so you can establish yourself as an authority in your field
  • Start generating passive income using the skills and assets you already have
  • Discover the secrets on how to create and expand multi-million dollar business
  • ​Learn the pitfalls to avoid when create a business or joint-venture
  • ​Learn how to throw entire industries upside down so that you can become a billionaire
  • ​And more.

Module 05 – 10x Your Success

  • ​Learn how to sell your products or services from the world’s #1 marketer
  • Learn a simple method to easily close 6-figure sales
  • Get the #1 slot on Google for any searches related to your field
  • ​10x your revenue
  • ​​And much more.

Module 06 – Finish Rich

  • Increase your savings 5x with a 5-minutes technique that you only need to implement once
  • Learn how to make serious money with real estate
  • Make sure your skills and business stay relevant in the future
  • ​Discover global business trends that you can leverage to reap massive gains in the next five, ten, or even twenty years.
  • ​Learn where the world of tech is heading so that you can be one of the first to invest in the next big thing

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