Real Estate Starter Program Review: Learn How To Take Advantage Of Today’s Top Real Estate Opportunities!

Real Estate Starter Program Review

Welcome to my Real Estate Starter Program Review.

Real Estate is one of the oldest investment instruments. Before English and Dutch traders figured out joint stock ownership in the 16th century, the real estate sector was the biggest recipient of investment capital. And even though financial instruments and derivatives markets are bigger today, real estate still remains attractive given that its a finite resource. manny khoshbin real estate starter program

As attractive as real estate is, investing in this asset class is still a tricky proposition. Some people have a natural panache when it comes to real estate but for the rest of me, Real Estate Starter Program course offer a great starting point – manny khoshbin real estate starter program.

Real Estate Starter Program
Real Estate Starter Program

What is Real Estate Starter Program a bout?

Throughout the program, you will be provided with everything you need to know on how to successfully find, negotiate, close, sell, real estate agent starter pack and ultimately, profit in Real Estate from this point on.

Your path to a $100M real estate portfolio starts here…

Who is Manny Khoshbin?

Manny Khoshbin
Manny Khoshbin

Manny Khoshbin

Real Estate Mogul, Serial Entrepreneur, and Author

Manny arrived in the United States from Iran in 1985 at the age of 14. Manny spoke no English, had no friends, and knew almost nothing about America.

Homeless, living in a car with his family, Manny started his first “business” by dumpster diving and selling the goods he would find at swap meets on the weekends.

From there, he worked many different jobs such as a K-Mart employee, selling nuts door to door, mechanic at a tire shop, and more before he found his start in real estate as a loan processor.

Fast forward 28 years and he has now amassed a fortune, buying and selling close to $1 billion in real estate.

In addition to real estate investing, Manny is an avid car collector with a world class collection valued at more than $35 million and has a social media following of more than 4 million people.

He is the president and CEO of The Khoshbin Company, based in Orange County, CA.

 Today, his company has real estate holdings in seven states, totaling over 2.5 million square feet. As an entrepreneur, he loves to challenge himself and maintains a dream of having a vast enterprise expanding across many businesses.

He married model and actress Leyla Milani-Khoshbin. He has a daughter named Priscilla Khoshbin.

What will you receive when you participate in this Real Estate Starter Program Course?

  • Real Estate Investing Roadmap – your step-by-step guide to getting started
  • ​Analyzing Properties Crash Course so you can find home run properties in any market
  • Creative Financing Overview to fund any deal (even with zero out of pocket)
  • ​Due Diligence Checklist to diminish your risk & accelerate your learning curve
  • Negotiation Tactics Breakdown with proven million dollar strategies
  • ​Deal Closing Strategies detailing the entire process from start to finish
  • Adding Value Breakdown to maximize cash flow and create a huge pop on the exit
  • Taxes Crash Course – discover all methods available to shelter and reduce taxes
  • ​Wealth Action Plan for massive net worth acceleration or holding assets for lifetime passive income
  • Millionaire Mindset Tips – the strategies Manny used to fast track his success

Who is this Real Estate Starter Program Course for?

This course for beginner to accelerate your journey towards financial freedom and build a $100M portfolio through Manny Khoshbin proven blueprint for success!

Pricing Real Estate Starter Program Course

Real Estate Starter Program
Real Estate Starter Program

As you probably already know, Real Estate Starter Program is currently selling for $997, a one-time payment for full access to the program. It offers access to course, start real estate reviews supplementary training courses, and bonus.

If you find the price of this course is higher than your income, you can check out our cheap course HERE.

What are people saying about Real Estate Starter Program?

I saw a number of social media user reviews after doing some research to find out more about the course. Here are some of their quotes:

Real Estate Starter Program
Real Estate Starter Program
Real Estate Starter Program
Real Estate Starter Program
Real Estate Starter Program
Real Estate Starter Program

Conclusion: Real Estate Starter Program Review

This one is a broader real estate investing courses that not only focuses on modelling and commercial real estate but dives into land development, multifamily apartments, fix and flips, rental income properties as well. Investing the non-commercial properties can be extremely tricky and highly variable so the insights provided here are valuable.

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