SAS Affiliate – Jason Caluori & Barry Plaskow

SAS Affiliate – Jason Caluori & Barry Plaskow

SAS Affiliate – Jason Caluori & Barry Plaskow

What Is SAS Affiliate?

SAS Affiliate is a new, comprehensive program developed by Jason Caluori & Barry Plaskow to help you earn money online through affiliate marketing. It is perfect for beginners who are still now aware of the ropes of affiliate marketing.

A little research reveals that Jason himself is earning 7 figures monthly through a mix of affiliate marketing, e-commerce, and local SEO work.

So, rest assured, you are in good hands!

Plus, if you scourge through the internet, you’ll find plenty of positive reviews by current users.

Here are some examples:

You’d also be glad to know that SAS affiliate has been designed to leverage the power of Groove Pages, the fast and powerful SEO giant. You can get a FREE GroovePages account by clicking here (no credit card needed).

Basically, you will be learning the following things to build a successful affiliate income source:

  • How to build Groove pages that rank on the first page of Google really quickly
  • Learn to pick the right products to promote your landing pages
  • Make revenue out of your affiliate sales

SAS Affiliate Key Features

Here’s a brief rundown of some of the key features of Jason Caluori & Barry Plaskow’s SAS Affiliate:

Let’s talk about some of the major features in detail.

1. Beginner-Friendly.

A question that people often ask is – “Does SAS work for beginners?”

Yes, absolutely!

It doesn’t matter whether you are new to affiliate marketing or someone who is already into the game – the SAS affiliate program works for everyone.

The step by step training videos that Jason shares are super easy-to-understand, even for a newbie.

You can watch this SAS review video made by a real student (50+ years) of Jason, who was struggling to find something to do online for two years.

So, your experience (or lack thereof) doesn’t matter! With this affiliate program, you can get your affiliate offer up and running within 48 hours.

2. High-Converting Website Templates.

Creating a landing page for your affiliate marketing program right from scratch can be a taxing task.

And let’s face it, none of us are tech geniuses either.

I know most of you want to do away with coding work entirely. And that’s one of the reasons why I’d suggest this program.

John Caluori has done the entire design and tech work for you.

So now, when you join the program, you’ll receive ready-to-use and high converting website templates created by John Caluori himself.

And if so many online reviews are anything to go by, these templates work wonderfully.

Another good news is that the program offers additional templates worth $10,000.

3. No One Is Left Behind.

This is the biggest promise they make. Even if you are new or have been struggling for years to earn substantial income from affiliate marketing, this course can be a game-changer.

With so many accomplished online marketers and SEO experts jumping in to be a part of this promising platform, you will be taught by the world’s best experts.

No wonder the reviews pouring in from different corners have been positive so far.

4. Comprehensive Affiliate Marketing Course.

Once you register with the program, the comprehensive program promises to get your affiliate offer up and running within 48 hours.

Yes, just within 48 hours!

It may seem too good to be true, but allow me to explain the “48 Hour Blitz”!

So, it started when Barry Plaskow (the visionary and your soon-to-be “best success coach”) challenged Jason Caluori (the underground digital income teacher & tech genius) to achieve what at first appeared like an impossible feat.

The challenge was to get a successful affiliate business underway and make it rank on the first page of Google within 48 hours.

But Jason Caluori accepted the challenge and excelled at it big time.

And not only that, Jason made sure to put together a course with all the tips and techniques that made him achieve tremendous success with his own affiliate marketing endeavor.

Thanks to Jason, this course consists of over-the-shoulder, bite-sized, easy to follow video training series (with samples & links to precious resources, templates & tools he uses himself).

And trust me, these are some REAL GOLDEN GEMS that will help you rake in big dollars soon enough.

from this, you’d be glad to know that Jason Caluori is a wonderful and articulate teacher with a real generous personality.

And paired with Barry Plaskow’s vision, offerings, “can-do” spirit and motivations – you’d be hard-pressed to find a better team that can help you scale up your affiliate business, disregarding your technical know-how or lack thereof.

Both the gentlemen have a proven track record of immense success when it comes to helping thousands of affiliate marketing enthusiasts like you get quick results.

It provides plenty of material to get you started with affiliate marketing without any hassle, including:

  • Comprehensive training videos
  • Live Sessions
  • Facebook chats
  • Guest Invites – you get to meet, learn & get tried & tested secrets’ from several of the duos’ mega-successful friends and business partners

Once you register, you get to learn how to pick the product to promote (Yes! You don’t have to develop your own products), create Groove Pages that rank high on Google, and get traffic using SEO strategies without spending any money.

5. Weekly Sessions to Rank Your Page On Top On Google

It is every marketer’s dream to rank their page on top of search engines. And I bet it’s your dream too.

After all, statistics suggest that pages with higher Google rankings result in low bounce rates.

Moreover, it also means that your page will be visible to more potential buyers.

On top of that, you will get more traffic that can generate leads and increase sales.

Keeping this in mind, Jason Caluori & Barry Plasow’s SAS affiliate program provides a power-packed combo of Groove Pages and the laser-focused training given out in four weekly sessions to help you rank your affiliate product page and landing page.

6. Get Traffic Without Paying For Advertising

How often do you come across a program that promises to make you gain traffic without paying any advertising fees?

SAS affiliate course stands apart from the pack as it focuses on getting free SEO traffic without having to pay for ads.

Moreover, the program is tied into a platform (Groove Pages) that has been optimized for SEO and is perfect for doing business online.

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