The Affiliate Code Bulk Traffic Method – Michael Jones

The Affiliate Code Bulk Traffic Method

The Affiliate Code Bulk Traffic Method – Michael Jones

What You’ll Learn

  • Video Training Module 1 – This is where I strap you in and prepare you for the ride…I’ll break down everything we’re going to cover & get you 100% ready to start your domination. –
  • Video Training Module 2– Get the lowdown on exactly how to research profitable keywords and make a killer list…one good keyword can pay your mortgage many times over, and I’m going to show you the tools that give you hundreds of them –
  • Video Training Module 3 – The secrets to campaign structure-the way you structure your ad campaigns plays a huge role in the prices you get charged and the profits you make-here’s how to do it perfectly – NO PDF PRESENTATION for this module
  • Video Training Module 4 – Why your landing page is possibly your most important weapon, and how to supercharge it to destroy the competition –
  • Video Training Module 5 – None of this stuff means anything unless you can actually get people to click on your ad…so here’s how to craft super effective ads that get clicks in droves –
  • Video Training Module 6 – Your keyword bids will make or break your business, and most people screw this up so bad it’s almost funny…but I’m going to show you the secrets to doing it right everytime –
  • Video Training Module 7 – How to deal with your CTR – your CTR is vital to almost every aspect of your campaign and you’re going to watch me spill the beans on exactly how to manage it for unbelievable results, with real live examples –
  • Video Training Module 8 – Watch me as I show you in real time how to trim back and tighten your campaigns, sculpting them into lean and muscular money machines
  • Video Training Module 9 – Overtake 98% of other marketers by unlocking the secrets of the content & placement network-most marketers are a complete bust in these areas, so you can make some very easy money by following a few simple, proven principles.
  • Video Training Module 10 – This video is part 2 of video #9 – No PDF Presentation
  • Video Training Module 11 – How to use Google’s own free tools to optimize your conversion rates and make the most money possible – watch me as I show you simple testing techniques that could literally add an extra zero to your weekly earnings with just a few minutes’ work .
  • Video Training Module 12 – Profit from simple banner ads that you can create yourself or hire out, and I’ll even show you the very best place to get great banners made for peanuts .
  • Video Training Module 13– Find out the secrets behind dragging every penny from your visitor’s pocket and leaving them wanting more by using super-powerful copywriting techniques that will turn your ads and pages into moneymaking powerhouses.
  • Video Training Module 14 – The system process…this is where it’s all laid out, so you’ll see behind the scenes at my business and find out how to make the most money possible with the least amount of effort .
  • Video Training Module 15 – Find out how to manage and keep track of your Adwords campaigns when you’re not even online…the main problem people have with Adwords is that they literally have to check on it every ten minutes. Not anymore!
  • Video Training Module 16 – How to go beyond Adwords…once you’ve got a proven offer and a salespage that converts, this section is going to show you exactly how to put that offer in front of MILLIONS of people…this module alone is a potential millionaire-maker-

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