The Big Idea Pin Guide – Erica Stone

The Big Idea Pin Guide – Erica Stone

The Big Idea Pin Guide – Erica Stone

The future of content is short, moving, and visual. Are you using it yet?

How to create short content consumers can digest in seconds.

Consumer behavior has changed & Internet Marketers need to adapt.

Social media has trained billions of us to digest content in short, visual bursts.

The explosive growth of TikTok alone is proof this is happening.

Pinterest has created its own version of this extremely popular type of content.

They’re called IDEA PINS.

And they have three advantages.

One, Pinterest members are predisposed to buy things they see on Pinterest.

Two, Idea Pins can be repurposed as content on other platforms including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and even your website.

Three, you can put product links (including many types of affiliate links) ON TOP of Pinterest Idea Pins as clickable buttons.

And they CRUSH it on Pinterest!

I ran a test.

I pinned FOUR of my own website posts to an existing Pinterest profile tied to that same website.

I pinned ONE Idea Pin.

The Idea Pin received 229% MORE Impressions than all four of my regular pins combined in just 24 HOURS.

This kind of content is taking over on Pinterest and has broad appeal across any niche.

Who benefits from creating this type of content?

Affiliate Marketers

Use Pinterest Idea Pins to promote your affiliate links from Zazzle, Society6, ShareaSale, and more.

Bloggers & Website Owners

Turn your website posts into visual content and drive more traffic to your website.

Product Sellers

Promote your products on Pinterest or send visitors to your online shop.

List Builders

Use short, visual content to send viewers to your opt-in pages

Get this Step-by-Step Instruction Manual

You’ll get this step-by-step, 60 page instruction manual with screenshots that will walk you through creating your own Idea Pins from start to finish.


  • Why ANYONE can create Idea Pins (even if they’re not an expert in anything)
  • Topic ideas with something for everyone
  • How to add animation to your still photos for greater visual appeal
  • How to get free templates for the Idea Pin layout so they’ll look professional
  • The 2 ways you can add links to Idea Pins
  • How to turn EXISTING website posts into Idea Pins for more Pinterest followers & traffic
  • How to maximize your number of views
  • How to create Idea Pins using just your mobile phone (no laptop!)
  • How to turn one Idea Pin into multiple pins for website posts for even more exposure

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