The Social Agent Academy Review: Is It Worth The Cost?

The Social Agent Academy Review

Welcome to my The Social Agent Academy Review. My goal is to answer common questions like: the social agent reviews, how much it costs, if it’s a scam, & if you can actually make money with it. The end goal is to help you understand if it’s a good fit for you personally, and if there are any better alternatives out there.

The Social Agent Academy
The Social Agent Academy

What is The Social Agent Academy a bout?

Learn tactics for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, ManyChat, and all things Personal Branding so that anywhere someone looks, there you are. Learn how to avoid major costly mistakes, market yourself efficiently without breaking the bank, bespoke strategies literally no one else is talking about, and more.

Who is Mike Sherrard?

Mike Sherrard
Mike Sherrard

Mike Sherrard, the head of the Agent Wolf Pack at eXp Realty and a social media coach – mike sherrard social media, quickly hopped on board after realizing the potential of social media. At the age of 24, he began utilizing social media, and ten months later, he was recognized as the second-best agent on social media in his city and the 27th in the world.

At the age of 28, he dominates the real estate industry on social media in Calgary and Alberta, and his YouTube channel is regarded as one of the best sites for real estate professionals interested in learning social media tactics. Mike has mastered the art of social media marketing and is committed to using it to support other people in growing their businesses.

He founded the Social Agent Academy to advance his mission, and more than 3,000 agents are presently enrolled in his training course.

Mike has aided thousands of agents in growing their businesses, with hundreds seeing a year-over-year increase in sales. He stands out from the crowd due to his original perspective on becoming ubiquitous across all platforms.

He notes that most real estate agents who attempt to participate in the market fall short because they are limited to using and understanding a single platform.

He recognizes the importance of realtors having a presence on as many platforms as possible. You never know with certainty where you will find your next prospective client.

The importance of social media platforms for recruiting clients and closing sales cannot be overstated by successful realtors. They must prioritize social media marketing and effectively manage their time. Since not all platforms make sense, you must select the one that does.

How Does The Social Agent Academy Work?

How to add $100,000+ per year to your real estate business by properly leveraging Mike Sherrard simple 3 step process


This is the BLUEPRINT… the proven ROADMAP that anyone can follow, regardless of your level of experience in real estate, on social media, or with technology in general.

What are you going to learn in social agent academy mike sherrard:

  • The HUGE MISTAKE that causes most Realtors to FAIL with Facebook Ads
  • The highest converting ad strategy that NO ONE TALKS ABOUT (exclusive)
  • The $40 ad that resulted in $40,000 commission in 2 days
  • How to automate your online lead conversion (2021 secrets)
  • How to establish a top-of-mind Personal Brand that leads flock to
  • How to attract clients on a daily basis with video marketing and rank #1 in your market for FREE
  • The RC3 Genius Model, the ultimate blueprint for Realtors to follow

What will you receive when you participate in this The Social Agent Academy?

Here’s what you’ll get in mike sherrard social agent academy:

The Social Agent Academy
The Social Agent Academy

Pros and Cons of The Social Agent Academy

Pros of The Social Agent Academy

  • Clear and concise teaching methods
  • Updated with new content regularly
  • “No questions asked” 100% money-back guarantee.
  • The training is practical and step-by-step.

Cons of The Social Agent Academy

  • It’s Expensive For Beginners
  • It can be difficult to make money with the training

Pricing The Social Agent Academy

The Social Agent Academy
The Social Agent Academy

Regarding the price of all the bells and whistles aside the total upfront cost is either a One Time Fee of $997 or their Payment Plan which is 4 payments of $297. So if you pick the one-time payment option you’re saving $191.

If you find the price of this the social academy course is higher than your income, you can check out our cheap course HERE.

Is The Social Agent Academy Scam or Legit?

Based on my reviews Social Agent Academy by Mike Sherrard is legit and not a scam, it’s legit and definitely worthy of your consideration. Do not imagine to be some sort of getting rich quick scheme, Real Estate, in general, is usually one of the slower methods of earning an income, which is why you’ll notice people in real estate are primarily the people always trying to sell you their program.

What are people saying about The Social Agent Academy?

I saw a number of social media user reviews after doing some research to find out more about the course. Here are some of their quotes:

The Social Agent Academy
The Social Agent Academy
The Social Agent Academy
The Social Agent Academy
The Social Agent Academy
The Social Agent Academy
The Social Agent Academy
The Social Agent Academy

And more…

Conclusion: The Social Agent Academy Review

In conclusion, Social media is among the most powerful digital marketing tools that realtors need to be familiar with and use. It has become a driving force for real estate agents and a critical component of their marketing campaigns. If you have any questions, feel free to leave any additional comments or questions in the section below. Or you could enroll in these courses to learn how to better market your real estate!

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