Tiny Content – Insane Royalties – Paul J. Coleman

Tiny Content – Insane Royalties – Paul J. Coleman

Tiny Content – Insane Royalties – Paul J. Coleman

Ok, prepare yourself for a shock…

And make sure you’re sitting down…

Here’s the price she’s charging:

What’s she selling?

Just ONE simple JPEG

That’s all:

Now, brace yourself…

At this INSANE price…

How many sales could she possibly have??

Over 93,000 store sales and climbing!

She has hit the STRATOSPHERE

Yes, this is real

Yes, this sudden success changed her life

Customers are on FIRE for these basic JPEGs

She stumbled upon MASSIVE success

And, yes, it’s hard to believe

When you realize how much she’s making

Not to insult her, but…

Her content is not going to win any awards!

It’s average at best

It’s pretty much beginner level

Anyone could slap this stuff together

It’s far from complicated

But it’s NOT ABOUT the content

And I’ll show you why

She deserves this success!

She has more than replaced her day job

(She put up with that job for many years.)

A much better life has blossomed for her

And she is THANKFUL

She didn’t expect this big success

She thought success was for other people

She is truly very humble about it

So how did she do it?

How did she transform clunky stuff


And start the royalty rivers flowing

How did she take something simple…

And make it GENUINELY worth $590.00 dollars??

Not to mention all the 5-Star reviews

And the continual flow of new, hungry customers

I have something to tell you:

Customers are GLAD to pay her high price!

They DON’T think they are being overcharged

They are THANKING her in the reviews

She is NOT ripping people off!

These simple JPEGs are actually WORTH IT

She transformed something very basic

Into something of REAL VALUE

This is NOT a FLUKE

This is a REAL, ongoing success

New customers keep coming in

And her royalties keep GROWING daily

Her ‘process’ is a no-brainer

It takes her less than 5 Minutes

To transform very average content

Into precious (high-priced) gold

Don’t believe me?

She’s not the only one doing this

She’s in a tiny group of sellers

All using this exact SAME STRATEGY

Here’s another seller

Having MAJOR success

With the SAME EXACT strategy

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