Who is Dylan Madden?

Who is Dylan Madden?

Dylan Madden
Dylan Madden

Growing up, Dylan was identified with a learning disability, ADHD, and was told he had an anger problem. Dylan couldn’t read until second grade. All of that has kept him in the dark for years.

Through trial and error and with the help of the wonderful people around me, Dylan came to light.

At one point he had to pick up trash and drive for Uber so he could make money. This has taught him many lessons. One lesson is that nothing is lower than yourself.

Dylan has a YouTube channel, runs a blog and has written a book. This is one of the offline business projects that he has been associated with.

His mission is to serve as the embodiment of what is possible. Through his content and books, Dylan gives you what’s right for you.

From that point on, you are your sa or your own devil. Dylan has helped readers gain confidence, do work they love, and earn thousands of dollars.

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