Zero To Hero Affiliate – Ari Rothland

Zero To Hero Affiliate – Ari Rothland

Zero To Hero Affiliate – Ari Rothland

Inside this bootcamp you’re getting 3 modules delivered 1 per week over the next 3 weeks.

Here’s what’s covered in each module…

Inside Module 1:

  • Exactly how to properly launch a paid traffic affiliate campaign with just $10 to start! (Accessible for everyone!)
  • A secret way to “enlist” the help of a tracker to lock-in profits! (This is a foundational skill that you’ll find uses for forever!)
  • 3 simple (yet highly effective) methods for targeting your traffic to ensure you get the highest quality prospects. (Very important for profits)
  • How to “supercharge” your traffic buys by leverage the power of “Drill downs” in your campaign. (This tool changes everything!)
  • What to do when your campaign is failing and how to turn it around fast! (Having a playbook for failing campaigns makes sure you never lose big money ever again)
  • How to take the “sting” out of buying traffic with the use of “Smart Link Offers”! (You’ve never seen these discussed before!)
  • The best “sleeper” traffic source to test offers cheaply that you can transfer over to the bigger networks once they’re profitable with seamless ease! (This traffic source is brain dead simple to use)
  • How anybody (even a complete novice) can read traffic data like a seasoned vet armed with these 2 secret tactics. (This is a goodie)
  • A truly “no brainer” (yet almost always overlooked) way to test traffic to protects your budget and maximizes your profits. (You can never have too many ways to protect your budget)
  • How to protect yourself against your own greed! Many make the mistake when they start to see their traffic buys becoming profitable of over-spending way too early. Here’s how to not kill a good thing before it gets going! (MASSIVELY IMPORTANT)

Inside Module 2:

  • Exactly how to scale what you built in module 1 into a 5 figure per month campaign! (Now, we start talking real money being made)
  • How to “setup” the perfect lander every time to pre-sell warm prospect and sky-rocket you conversions. (The secret sauce shared here will have your target prospects lining up to see your offers)
  • The number one rule that absolutely MUST be observed if you want to not lose your shirt buying traffic on this level. (As you spend more on traffic this rule becomes even more crucial!)
  • A secret your favorite traffic guru will never tell you that guarantees you’ll reach six figures with your campaigns if you stay the course. (This is not known outside of super affiliate circles)
  • How to “stack the deck” with this up an coming traffic source to get more traffic than other marketers paying more than you on the same targets! (This is as close to outright cheating as you can get)
  • Starting with this underground offer type will get your profits rolling faster than anything else at this stage. (It’s often overlooked but it crushes!)
  • Why tracking your campaigns is valueless unless they are tweaked to focus on this specific action. (This is pretty advanced but so necessary)
  • A little known “trick” that doubles the value of the traffic you receive. (Super Powerful!)
  • The correct way to bid on traffic so the traffic platform can’t surge prices on you. (Underground traffic that makes your budget stretch)
  • The surprising reason profitable campaigns die and how to see the warning signs so you can get out early. (This takes years of experience to get and I’m handing you the shortcut to this wisdom)

Inside Module 3:

  • The advanced by highly profitable world of spying on campaigns! (This is where you learn to run with the big dawgs)
  • How to spy, swipe, an optimize what’s already working for other affiliates fast! (Shortcut your path to profits)
  • The absolute best spy tools available and how to get the most out of them! (These tools plus my secrets is lethal on 1,000!)
  • Surprising solutions to slow campaigns that speed up the testing process and gets you to profits faster! (Find winning campaigns fast!)
  • How to rotate your ads and why you should do it in this specific way to not fall prey to being another basic affiliate. (Make sure people don’t tire of your ads)
  • The super intense “insider” secrets to promoting higher payout offers that scares most newbies that pros love keep to themselves. (Keep this one secret)
  • How to take the barest glimmer of positive swing in a failing campaign and turn it into a unique angle that no one else ever imagined using with the offer you’re promoting! (Advanced data reading here, this changes lives)
  • Why you live and die by your tracking tools at the highest level and how to protect them! (Important lesson)
  • How to avoid embarrassing mistakes even experienced traffic buyers make (myself included) with the use of spy tools. (These mistakes are very easy to make)
  • Secret “2 minute” swiping technique (that’s all it takes) that guarantees you have the most compelling ads in your niche! (So simple, yet so awesome!)

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