100% Over the Shoulder Facebook Ads from the Ground Up

Over the Shoulder Facebook Ads from the Ground Up

100% Over the Shoulder Facebook Ads from the Ground Up

How You Can Drive Low-Cost Traffic, Leads, or Sales With “Facebook Ads” To Any Business, Even If You Have Zero Experience

What you’ll learn in 100% Over the Shoulder Facebook Ads from the Ground Up

  • How to get started with absolutely no previous experience. This course will take anyone from no ad acct to running their first ad!
  • Complete over the shwalkthroughthrough from creating your account to the running first ad. No boring PowerPoints, all learning is inside the platform
  • 87% of U.S. marketers will use Facebook marketing in 2021 21 Billion spent on Ads
  • Detailed navigation and explanation of the Ad Platform backend. Learn how to navigate the backend like a pro.
  • The secrets I’ve learned after over 15,000 hours of Ad Management
  • How to confidthroughgate throughout the platform
  • What to do if l, ost, the wrong screen or not sure what to do next
  • How to effectively plan your first ad, find your target audience and build great ads
  • What is a Facebookmaximizend how can I maximise all its benefits
  • Start with Facebook 101, we assume your know nothing and build you a strong foundation of learning
  • Detailed,d navigation, explanation, and overview of the elements of the Facebook Platform, the Ad Acco, unit, the Business Manager and the Fan Page
  • Detialed explanation of the types of Audiences you can advertise to on Facebook and how to find your Perfect Targeted Audience
  • How to feel confident exploring and navigating the Ad Manager itself and not waste time trying to find out where to go next
  • How to Add Ad Accounts to your Business Manager, add Pixels, and add step-by-step people. Detailed step by step overview and direction
  • How to review and sort your ads by date, type of ad, amount spent … all the practical and useful steps needed for effective management of your ads and time
  • Adding your billing information and other details easily into your account
  • Detailed explanation of what an ad is, how its setup what are the elements, and what exactly you need to know to effectively manage and run your ads
  • How to create a fan page, give access to it to other people, detailed information on the permission levels for each fan page and what those even are
  • Mistakes to avoid when it comes to fan pages and your team. How one simple check of a box can save your fan page from being deleted
  • Fully understand what the Facebook Pixel is, how you can properly install it and use it to manage your ads
  • Explaining how to manage and target audiences based o,n website visitors, an existing customer list or anyone who watch a video or interacted with your ad
  • Howcustomersd cold traffic ads that will bring NEW customers to the our site and not serve the ad over and over to same people
  • How to create unique audiences and avoid the mistake most marketers make and show the same ad to the same peoplwalkthroughver
  • Create an over-the-shoader 100% walk through of 6 of the most effective ads types!
  • What are the key metrics and KPIs every pro marketer look and review on a daily basis

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