Facebook Ads For Regular People – Dave Kaminski

Facebook Ads For Regular People – Dave Kaminski

Facebook Ads For Regular People – Dave Kaminski


Facebook Ads For Regular People

Here’s the plain truth. I don’t like Facebook…I don’t even have a personal Facebook account.

But I know three things:

First, how well Facebook ads work for building email lists and generating sales for small businesses.

Second, how small businesses get screwed over by doing Facebook ads wrong (like my client, Ken).

And third, how there is an abundance of over-priced and overly-complicated Facebook ad training out there that small business owners get sucked into.

So I finally decided to publish my own Facebook ads course.

And I decided to make it for the regular person…the person who is tired of hearing all of the push-button-miracle-hype, doesn’t have time or money to burn and just wants someone to show them what to do without any B.S.

If that sounds like you, then this course is for you.

No Experience Necessary No Software or Techie Stuff To Buy And Yes, Facebook Ads Will Work For “Your Business”

Truth is, you’re probably better off having little to no experience with Facebook ads when you start the Facebook Ads For Regular People course. And that’s because your brain won’t be clouded with all of the misinformation it got from other training, Google or Facebook themselves. But if you are experienced, no worries, you’ll just have to un-learn what you already know.

There are no tools or software or anything else you have to buy to get started Facebook Ads For Regular People. If you can afford a budget of just $5 a day to run ads, you have everything you need to start driving cheap, reliable traffic to your site…I’ll provide the rest.

If you’re worried that Facebook ads won’t work for your business…either because you have a local business, deal only with business-to-business clients or something else…don’t be.

Whatever type of business you have, your customers are still people. And Facebook has nearly 2.5 billion people a day active on their site (and 75% of high-income individuals use Facebook). So if your customers are people (and not aliens) and your business solves a problem, Facebook ads can work for you.

Got it? Okay, then let me highlight everything I’ll be covering in the training:

Everything About Facebook Setup

Remember how I said Facebook likes to lure people into playing “slot machines”? Well, here’s where we’re going to change that. And Facebook loves to make this process a confusing and overwhelming pain in the ass. But relax, I’ve got your back. I’m going to show you step by step how to get your website and your Facebook ad account setup and ready to run ads the street smart way.

Just set things up EXACTLY as I show you and you’ll be golden. I can’t understate the importance of what I’ll be sharing with you here. It’s the difference between just giving Facebook your money and actually making money from Facebook.

Everything About Creating Ads

This is an area where people typically go totally blank. What should I say in my ad? What type of image should I use? Should I use a video? How long should my ad be? Here’s the truth, based on results and not theory. There are only two types of ads you should run. There is one specific type of image you should use above all others. Video should only be used for specific types of products.

And there is only one thing that determines your ad length. In the training, I will tell you what all of these things are. And they are all super-simple. In fact, once you have this knowledge will be able to create your ad in about 5 minutes…and without stress.

Everything About Ad Targeting

What’s great about Facebook advertising is that Facebook knows everything about everyone, which makes it easy to hyper-target an audience. What sucks about Facebook advertising is that everything relies on an algorithm. And if you don’t know how to properly feed this algorithm when doing ad targeting, your costs will absolutely skyrocket and your results will suck.

So I’m going to show you how to properly feed the Facebook algorithm, where you’ll get the best results for the lowest cost on the very first ad you run. It’s as simple as that.

Everything About Troubleshooting

Here’s a confession. I’ve run Facebook ads that were so bad no one ever clicked them and Facebook stopped showing them. I’ve screwed up targeting so bad that it cost me $50 for every email address I gained. And I’ve had my ad accounts on Facebook banned multiple times for not following their rules. The point is I’ve more than earned my screw-up-stripes.

And you get to benefit from all of the knowledge I gained from these screw-ups. That means not only will I be showing you how to fix things if they go wrong, but how to avoid these things in the first place. I promise you, this knowledge will be priceless.

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