Saheli Chatterjee – Freelance 101 Academy

Saheli Chatterjee – Freelance 101 Academy

Saheli Chatterjee – Freelance 101 Academy

You are this close to becoming a highly paid Freelancer and earning 1lakh per month!

You want to get high-paying clients and earn over a Lakh/month but again think it’s impossible because no one would pay you as a beginner.

Let me tell you Boss these are the thoughts that are stopping you from having the financial freedom that you always dreamed of.

But trust me you can do it too just like my other 1.9K students with Freelance 101 Academy!!

Freelance 101 Academy is your best friend if you want to become a highly paid Freelancer.

It will guide you with everything you need to know about Freelancing starting from identifying the best skills for you, resources to learn those skills, a complete process to get clients across the globe who will pay you for those skills and ultimately scaling your income while sitting on a corner of your bed in your pyjamas.

Hey Boss, I’m Saheli and I started Freelancing when I was 17, by the time I turned 19 – I was making over 1 Lakh/Month by freelancing part-time.

Now at 22, I’ve become a Six-Figure Freelancer along with helping 1900+ students start their careers in Freelancing. Among which my top students earn over 50k-1lakh/Month by freelancing in the industries they enjoy the most.

You can be one of them too!

Even if you’ve zero skills and experience, Freelance 101 Academy will help you to-

  • Identify the most profitable skills that fit your interest
  • Create a proper plan to get started as a Freelancer from scratch
  • Create an attractive portfolio that will help you close high-ticket deals
  • Cut the competition and attract global clients through Social Media
  • Learn and apply all the high paying client attraction strategies

This course Launches in January 2022 – And will be 3 months long. But don’t worry- you will have access to it for 1 year so that you can do it at your pace.

Freelance 101 Academy is the perfect freelance guide for you if you’re ambitious and want to learn how to make money with your skills by working online with clients across the globe – but you have no idea where to start!

Freelance 101 Academy is the perfect Freelance guide for you if you want to get Financial freedom by doing things you love and make money online by working with clients across the globe with your skills – even if you think you don’t have any and have no idea where to start.

But what does your Freelancing best friend actually cover?

Freelance 101 Academy covers 5 Modules that will help you to become a Highly Paid Freelancer in 90 Days:

  • Module 1: Basics of Freelancing and Identify your skills
  • Module 2: First Steps To Get Started
  • Module 3: Set up Social Media and Get Clients Online
  • Module 4: Client Onboarding
  • Module 5: Scaling your Income with High Paying Clients


Every weekend there is a Live Q/A session where you will-

  • Get to learn about new topics
  • Monthly Goal Setting and Progress Review
  • Directly ask me your questions
  • Get personalized solutions for your problems
  • Discuss all your queries with me

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