Who is Dave Mac?

Dave Mac

Who is Dave Mac?

I grew up in Melbourne, Australia, and have been working in IT full time since I was 17 years old. I got started in affiliate marketing in 2007. Back then, I’d just moved to Japan with my family. I’d been a computer programmer in Australia, but because I was unable to speak Japanese my employment options were limited. So, I looked towards the Internet as a place to make money. I tried a lot of different ways of making money, such as Adsense, SiteSell, and article marketing and nothing worked out until one day I unintentionally created a blog that got instant love from Google.

Clickbank was the first network I was involved with because it was easy to join. Over the years they’ve also had the type of offers that just convert really well. I don’t use Clickbank very much anymore though and that’s mainly because from about 2010 I started to seek out offers that had less competition than those on Clickbank.

I’m small fry in terms of my earnings because affiliate marketing is not 100% of my focus (some of my channel subscribers who have implemented my methods earn more than me!) My best day ever was just shy of $5,000. Best month: $20,000. The best year is approximately $200,000.

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