Who is Josh George?

Josh George

Who is Josh George?

Joshua is the founder of ClickSlice, an award-winning SEO agency in London.

Joshua originally got involved with SEO as a result of selling on eBay. He loved selling on eBay but hated paying the eBay commission fees (also known as final value fees). Instead of paying eBay every time he wanted to list an item he decided to make his website where he could list as many items as he wanted without paying any insertions fees.

After building the website he noticed his site was nowhere to be found on Google and no one was buying his products.

As you do, he started to Google things like “how to get my website higher in Google” and stumbled across SEO in 2016.

Josh remembers this day like it was yesterday and says with a beaming “Sept 13th, 2013, the day I came into SEO. I knew from this moment on my future would take a different route”.

Josh began studying the intricacies of SEO on this date. He acquired the expertise in three years and now often assists UK business owners in ranking better in Google and generating more money.

To stay on top of your game in SEO, you must always be trying and testing new ideas. Josh attends SEO conferences all around the world to stay up to speed on the newest Google algorithm adjustments and trends. He spends most of his time in London as an SEO Consultant For Businesses.

Business aside, Josh is extremely family orientated and is a big believer in “family is everything”.

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