Who is Tasha Agruso?

Tasha Agruso

Who is Tasha Agruso?

Are you tired of slaving away on your blog for nothing or considerably less than you deserve? I certainly was!

Hello there… My name is Tasha. It was only a pastime when I initially started writing in October 2013. I had no clue blogging could make money! But after a few months of writing, I discovered that you could “monetize” your site, so I started looking into it. I quickly and simply learned everything there was to know about sponsored articles and advertisements. I also learned soon that I wouldn’t make any money from those sources unless my traffic increased. I was determined to discover a better method to make money with my existing blog visitors.

I thought affiliate marketing may be the answer, but I couldn’t locate a complete, detailed site that outlined HOW bloggers can use affiliate marketing. So I learned everything I could about affiliate marketing, and after much trial and error, it is now a substantial source of money for my site. Just look at my affiliate revenue increase (the chart below excludes other income streams for my site; what you see is ONLY affiliate sales) since I started monetizing my blog in April of 2014.

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